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From Pale Ale to Pink Floyd at The Beer Cafe, Khar.


Now let’s tell you a story. A bitter story. A bitter story about beer. Because no great story ever started with someone eating a Salad. Right ?

With Microbreweries sprawling all over the city, and each one boasting about its creation, we were in search of a place which has it all. We were looking for places which serves the best brews this town has to offer along with some great food and of course – good music. So our search for the best Ale, Stout and Lager ended us at one of our favourite franchises in this city – The Beer Cafe (Khar)

They say everything goes well with beer. Food, Music, Dance, Conversations, Romance, Games, Small tiffs and bouts where the famous line “Hold my beer and watch this” evolved. The night we selected to visit The Beer Cafe was their Karaoke Specials Night. So it was a night of Pale ales and Pink Floyds where we had a blast singing and chugging.

The Beer Cafe probably has the maximum varieties of beer in this city. To our last count they had around 50 types of beer on their menu. And when it comes to food, they have the best food – beer combinations where one can chow down on some great finger food, to starters, to mains along with their favourite freshly crafted brews.

We had the Hulk –  A platter really made for the Hulk with a selection of Onion Rings, Falafel, Bruschetta and French Fries served with Chipotle Mayo, Tzatziki Dip, and Sweet Chilli Sauce. Nothing could go so well with the first round of 10 Oz Hoegaarden Belgium Witbier – a one-of-a-kind brew with a slight sweet, sour and a mix of bitter spicy after taste. On deeper thoughts you can even find traces of coriander and Orange too. No wonder this is an all time favourite beer across the world. This beer is just about perfect – any time of the day any time of the year.

Next on line was the Garden Veg Pizza coupled with Doppelganger Dark Wheat Beer –  A dark Malty Stout. Even though most of us preferred a Non Vegetarian pizza with our Stout Beers, this was just perfect.

For the Non-Vegetarians, we were served the Chicken Bruschetta, We didn’t quite pair this with any beer as all of us were busy polishing the plate clean and go for a second round. Simply loved it.

We tried a few more things from the Menu, like the Kurkure Corn Bhel which was quite Okay on taste, and then we tried the Biryani, Which was a total out of the world experience. Spicy and Flavourful and one of the best we’ve had in this city. We paired this with a 16 oz White Zen Wheat Beer. And as it is perfectly mentioned – This Wheat beer only re-establishes the fact that if enlightenment was ever served on tap. It would taste like this. Our all time favourite – when it comes to craft beers.

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