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Making Memories – Down the Road


For us, food is a journey. A journey that we love, look forward to, and cherish each and every moment that comes and goes by. Little did we know that this journey that we started a little more than a year back would take us places, make us try new cuisines, and meet new people too. And we are buoyant about getting this opportunity.


In our journey so far, we’ve come across a lot of variations. We have seen disparities, we have seen imbalance. But none of these has ever affected the way we perceive our favourite thing in the world – Food.

20160806_201648One can indisputably say that we love what we do. But, being working professionals, we also have to maintain the equilibrium between the 9 to 5 drudgery and our ardour for good food. Talking about work, we recently visited this place called “Down The Road”. Amidst thronging industrial belt and corporate offices, this place was alluring enough that we decided to give it a try and check it off our list.

So here is our low-down of an intriguing foodsperience with some hits and a very few misses that left us gratified and contended.

We started off the evening with some great variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian appetisers. Our (adjacent table) peeping super powers told us that they were in great demand and none of us know how many portions were ordered and reordered.


Before the starters arrived we were served some hot ‘Cauliflower Cappuccino’. Extremely flavourful. This creamy soup was served in wide mouthed coffee mug and sprinkled with a hint of coffee powder. Having tasted this soup for the 1st time we just fell in love with it.

Our appetisers started with ‘Tomato Mozzarella Fritters’. The hot favourite amongst all. Not a fancy dish but just simple cheese sandwiched between slices of tomatoes and batter fried. Sound so plane Jane but as we slid our cutlery through the patty shaped fritter the stringy soft cheese with the semi cooked tomatoes looked insane. The crunch of the crust just took the fritter to the next level. Now we knew how just 2 simple ingredients can create wonders.


No meal is complete without some element of Paneer. Up next was the ‘Paneer Angara Tikka’. Extremely soft and melt in the mouth cubes of cottage cheese marinated with aromatic spices and char grilled to perfection. Though this dish wasn’t bad but can’t be considered perfect as it was too bland and the marinade hadn’t played its part well. One can easily give it a miss.


Time to feed the non vegetarians who were quiet eager to get their meal started.  ‘Chicken Salad’ had fresh crunchy greens along with shreds of juicy chicken. The perfect and light start to the gastronomically-heavy evening that was to follow.

Next up was the ‘Murg Ande ka Milan’. What a dish! We dint stop with just one but ended up ordering few more portions of the same and couldn’t get enough of it. A layer of flavourful minced chicken encompassing a slice of boiled egg.  As simple as it sounds; but was perfect to the T when it came to taste. The barbecue sauce accompanying it added to the flavour of this dish. Try it for sure and you would definitely thank us for suggesting it.


Next it was time for some sea food and we were served the ‘Grilled Cheesy Fish’. Fresh Basa fish grilled to perfection along with soft gooey cheese and herbs. The cheese along with the fish was such a divine combination.


We were now ready for the main course. Something that caught our eye in the menu got us by total surprise when it was brought to the table. The ‘Atta Chicken’. As you cook so you serve, a very unique way of cooking and serving the chicken. This whole chicken came covered in a layer of flour or Atta in which it was cooked. The insides were marinated with spices with a dominating flavour of garlic and coriander. As you fork your way into the flavourful and juicy flesh and take a bite you definitely are in for some delight. Even the outer layer of the Atta had absorbed the flavours of the spices and tasted great. A wholesome meal if one goes in a big group. We couldn’t do much justice as we had a lot more to eat and enjoy.


The vegetarians were served ‘Veg Khada Masala’ along with some Malabar Paratha. Spicy and crunchy mixed vegetables simmered in a rustic yet creamy Indian gravy. The spices were perfect and the Malabar Paratha (quite different from the original) was something that we loved.

The non vegetarians were served the ‘Chicken Bhuna’ with Malabar Paratha. This was in similar lines to the Veg curry but a tad bit spicier. The meat and spices had combined perfectly and the texture was just about right.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thing you all must have noticed is that no matter what, we never finish our meal without desserts. Irrespective of being stuffed and satiated we end up with the most favourite course of the meal. We were served the ‘Carrot Cake’, Coconut Cake’ and ‘Mud Pie’.


Our personal favourite was the Coconut Cake’. Warm and moist. We just loved the texture and the flavour was amazing. This tasted just like bounty and for all coconut lovers this dessert is a must have.

The ‘Carrot Cake’ was comparatively okay on taste and could be given a miss. And this never came to us as a point of disappointment. But if you are a chocolate lover, like us, do try the Mud Pie. Extremely spongy, and rich chocolate cake filled with lots of liquid chocolate. A definite trip to heaven and back.


Life is all about Perfection.  It is a lot of little things done right. And perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things. But in doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well. The team at ‘Down The Road’ exactly know what perfection is all about. And we were glad that we visited them.


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