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Midnight Guiltless Table at The Beer Cafe


As we travel, when we travel, and where we travel, we all have those special moments that we’d like to cherish for a bit longer. Let it be a solo independent travel, a group backpacking tour, or, let’s just come out of this dream world and assume you are on a business trip. There are many of us who practically live out of the suitcase and every airport is just another pit-stop before heading to the next.


For travelers, knowing that little bit extra always comes in handy. Be it flight status, local transport detailing, places of interest and last but not the least – Food. None of us want to take even a tiny chance when it comes to food. Especially while you are travelling between cities or between countries.

So the next time you are en route, stopping over or just passing-by the Mumbai International Airport, make sure you visit ‘The Beer Cafe’ right opposite the Terminal 2 Departures.

It’s not always about just the food but also a lot depends on the ambiance of the place. Like they say, food that looks good tastes good automatically. Similarly a restaurant or an outlet that has the best vibes when you enter is sure to give u a good time. One such outlet that we hosted our table at was at The Beer Cafe, right outside the Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2. As you walk into this place it just feels like you have walked into an outlet in one of the western countries. Small outlets which are more of a pit stop kinds where one grabs small bites and chugs down a few beers before proceeding to his or her next destination. A nicely lit restaurant with a rustic looking wooden tables overlooking the hustle and bustle of the busy airport. One can just sit by the large window with a beer and gaze out, not for hours but till it’s time to fly.

We weren’t travelling but sure did sit by the window and enjoyed the hospitality of the ever so friendly waiting staff.


The Beer Cafe sure he’s a lot of beers, maybe a 100 varieties, you name it and it is probably chilling there. Starting from Asahi, Estrella light, Tsingtao, the 1906, Special Reserve, Shepherds Neame IPA/Spitfire, Fullers Honey Dew to Erdinger Dunkel and the Guinness. We didn’t waste much time and called for the best – amongst the best. The first round was the ‘German Hefeweizen – Erdinger’. If you love beers, you will have to love this, a slight sweet after taste gives it a notch above the rest. No wonder it was made in accordance with the Bavarian purity law as the Germans love their beer and take it very seriously. According to the law only water, barley, hops, and yeast are supposed to be used in the production of beer. The use of sugar is also permitted with a few.

20160529_013348Round two was something we planned in pursuit of our comfort levels. The Gateway Brewing Company’s perfect brew – ‘The White Zen’. This wheat beer is our all time favourite. Give us a 16oz mug or a Tank, we are ready to chug this beauty anytime.

Round three was out personal favourite. One of the best beers from Belgium – ‘Hoegaarden’. It is really a one-of-a-kind brew with a slight sweet, sour and a mix of bitter spicy after taste. On deeper thoughts you can even find traces of coriander and Orange too. No wonder this is an all time favourite beer across the world. This beer is just about perfect – any time of the day any time of the year.


Virgin Mojito

The evening was also great for the ones who dint prefer beer with a wide variety of cocktails and Shakes. So a few of us non-chugging people called for the ‘Virgin Mojito’ which was absolutely fresh and we had a jolting start to the evening. The freshly muddled mint and lemon along with cool aerated water was the best one could order to get rid of the sweltering heat.


Stadium Style Nachos

Time to eat and so came in the Grand plate of ‘Stadium Style Nachos’. Crispy nachos topped with spicy and chunky salsa and loaded with gooey cheese. Perfect pairing with any beer of your choice.


Beer Battered Onion Rings

Next up was the ‘Beer Battered Onion Rings’. By far one of the best we’ve had. It was extremely crisp and not at all oily. We didn’t quiet satisfy ourselves with just one portion and called for more.


Sixteen Till I die

The non vegetarians were served a platter which comprised various varieties of chicken and was called ‘Sixteen till I die’ for reasons unknown. We quiet didn’t bother as we got busy savouring the Chicken wings tossed in 4 different sauces.  Barbecue, Chipotle, Chilli Garlic, and Classic. These came with a very mild yet flavorful Tzatziki sauce. All fellow wingmen agreed that the Barbecue ranked first and the Chilli Garlic was a close second, the other two were quite good too.


The Hulk

Similar to the non veg platter the vegetarians were served ‘The Hulk’. Again why Hulk, we just dint bother asking as the platter looked the most appetizing and we didn’t want to waste a minute more on using our grey matter. This platter had some interesting contents. ‘Spring Rolls’ which weren’t the exact replica of the actual spring roll and could be given a miss. ‘Chit Chat Bruschetta’ which had a very crisp garlic bread base and topped with the most amazing mix of marinated tomatoes, basil olives and cheese.  ‘Beer Battered Onion Rings’ which we had already had earlier and the ‘French Fries’ which were the regular ones. Overall a great mix to pair beer with.


Vada Pao

Next up was the favourite food of Mumbai, the good ol’ ‘Vada Pao’. Fresh steaming hot potato vadas inside soft and succulent pao with a little sprinkle of the coconut garlic chutney and some fried green chilli. Is there someone in this whole wide world who could say a no to such a combination? Absolutely no and neither did any of us.


Classic BLT Sandwich

From the sandwich side of the menu we were served the ‘Classic BLT Sandwich’. Baguette topped with lettuce, tomato and bacon and toasted to perfection was amazing and a special dish of their menu. A definite order when here. These were served with some crispy slender fries sprinkled with some herbs and condiments.

For the mains we were served pastas of various varieties like the ‘Spaghetti Aglio Olio’, ‘Penne Arabiatta’. But our personal favourite was the ‘Three Cheese Pasta’. A bed of soft penne tossed in an extremely creamy cheese sauce with a predominant flavour of herbs and some crunchy veggies. The pastas were served with crisp garlic bread. This was one complete meal with no complaints what so ever.


Three Cheese Pasta

The outlet also boasts of some great varieties of combo meals which they also call the Large Plates like the ‘Veg / Chicken Briyani’ served with some creamy Raita, or the ‘Thai Green Curry’ and Rice, ‘Bangers & Mash’, ‘Fish & Chips’ and many other classic combinations.. Towards the end we tried the Thai Green Curry and Rice. Perfect, just perfect is what we could say about this. The quantity, flavouring, texture were just perfect.

They also have a good variety of pizzas and salads which is claimed to be the best combination with beer. (Note to self: Visit Beer Cafe soon)

For desserts we were served the ‘Pineapple Gateaux’ and ‘Rich Truffle Cake’. Again, no complaint with the taste. It was good enough to fulfil the tiny dessert craving one might have after the heavy meal.

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When more such places crop up at locations such as these, travelling for work could be a whole lot of fun too. We are all set to travel either for work or pleasure and we sure know where to begin our trip from.

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2 comments on “Midnight Guiltless Table at The Beer Cafe

  1. kristianw84
    June 20, 2016

    My husband and I are big foodies, and cooking/baking is our passion. We are actually in the process of starting our own podcast to share some of our recipes! We don’t travel out of the country (yet), but we do go to a lot of different places in the US! I have been wanting to share food from the different places we do, and I’m not sure why, but I haven’t. You have inspired me to do so!! Great blog! So glad I happened to stumble upon it! 🙂


    • Guiltless Foodies
      June 20, 2016

      Thank you so much. You just made our day. All the best with your food journey. Do share those inspiring stories too.

      Liked by 1 person

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