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Going out the Tapas way at SoHo


One of the most memorable things about food is the luxury to taste different cuisines from around the world. And if you are on the right side of this luxury, you get to calibrate your taste buds with this vast culinary horizon. And now, with the vastly applied modern cuisine, one can be pretty sure that good things are on the rise with distinct meals being served at various places.

Many places are adopting various methods to make your culinary experience an extravagant one. Starting from contemporary, molecular to the modernist cuisine specially dedicated to carbivores. Creative culinary traditions and adaptations have made their way to engage the diners by providing them a dining experience worth the mention.

We all have expectations when we go out to dine. Most of us have a minimalist expectation while the rest have explicit ones. With this new trend in eating, most of the restaurants end up surprising us at many levels with a twist here and a tweak there. Playing with familiar flavours and combining them with unfamiliar ingredients is what most of the places are concentrating on.

One such place which sure needs an applaud and a few pats in their back is SoHo Tapas Bar. Tapas is a Spanish term for a wide variety of appetizers and snacks. So here is a low-down of our chow-down at one of the fine places with great drinks and amazing food.


Stuffed Pimentos de Padron

We had a large variety of starters and each was better than the best. This is the place to be in if you love your starters more than the main course. We started the evening with some ‘Stuffed Pimentos de Padron’ or in layman’s language Pimentos Chillies Stuffed with Cheese Mushroom along with Feta Yogurt Dip. One must not be fooled with just the first bite because it’s the 2nd and 3rd which plays an important role. Extremely spicy yet with a slight relief due to the cheesy  stuffing. A must have!


Zucchini Rebozado

Next was the ‘Zucchini Rebozado’ or parmesan crumbled zucchini lollipops with fried baby spinach accompanied with Hot Chipotle Adobo. What a beauty of a dish. Attractive green pops served on Skewers in a shot glass. Such dishes are so photo friendly that it takes just a click to get the perfect one. This tasted great as well. The parmesan took this lollipop to the next level of foodgasm.


Beverly Hills Ice Tea

The extensive drinks menu consisted of a lot of cocktails, shooters, sparklers and also some lip smacking milk shakes. We ordered the ‘Beverly Hills Ice Tea’ which was a mix of Stolichnaya – a premium Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, Don Angel, Bacardi, Cointreau, Sour Mix and sparkling Wine. What more can one ask for? But this could have been a best seller had the Sparkling Wine not over powered the other spirits. A good start to the evening.

The best dish of the evening and by far the best we’ve ever had was this ‘Quinoa & Risotto Arancini Balls’. Most flavourful and a clear winner. Crispy on the outside due to the panko crust and soft and gooey on the inside due to the cheesy risotto. Another must have when here. This was served with pesto and bell pepper salsa.All the dishes served had a very unique sauce alongside which gave the extra kick to all of t


Quinoa & Risotto Arancini Balls

No starter is complete without some Indian element. Hence we were served this ‘Clay Oven Baked Wild Mushrooms’. Tiny button mushrooms stuffed with spiced hung curd was extremely creamy and loved by all.


Oven baked  wild Mushrooms

Nothing can ever go wrong with the onion rings and if it’s ‘Beer Batter Onion Rings’ it tastes crunchier and tastier. The Barbecue sauce that came alongside was sent untouched as these required no sides and the crunchiness won our hearts over.


Beer batter Onion Rings

Having spoken so much about the vegetarian starters the non vegetarian were taken good care of as well. No regrets nor was any dish sent back untouched.

The 1st to arrive was the ‘Stuffed Calamari’. Healthy amounts of bombarice, jalapeno, olives, and smoky turkey ham stuffed into calamari accompanied with herb chilli olive oil. A complete meal on its own. One could just keep having this and yes nonstop.

Next up was the ‘Koliwada Dusted Fish Finger’. An in-house batter fried fish was drool some. The koliwada spice sprinkled over these fish fingers were spicy yet very Indianised. These fingers were served with fruity tartare mayo.

Next came in the ‘Dynamite Gambas Al Ajillo’ or shrimps deep fried in Tempura batter and tossed in some sriracha aioli with citrus lemon rub. This wasn’t a very spicy dish but the lemon gave this the required tanginess or rather the twist.


Dynamite Gambas Al Ajillo

The best pair to any drinks is chicken. The next appetiser was the ‘Soho Adobo Chicken wings’. The Adobo sauce is a Spanish sauce which is a mix of garlic, vinegar, paprika, oregano, etc. Highly pungent ingredients make the marinade extremely spicy and one bite and one is bound to crave for more. This dish had tender juicy chicken tossed in the Adobo sauce.


SoHo Adobo Chicken Wings

Quiet full with the extensive variety of starters served to us we were not too keen on the main course but when starters be so good one should not actually miss on mains. And so we were ready for the mains.


Ratatouille Stuffed Crepes

For the vegetarians we were served the ‘Ratatouille Stuffed Crepe’. Ratatouille is a traditional French Provencal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. What was served to us was absolutely authentic in taste and flavour. These were served in soft velvety crepes. Innovation at its peak best.


Nutella Blend

For the mocktails, we had the ‘Nutella Blend’. Who could expect such a genre of eatery to actually serve great milkshakes? A concoction of Nutella, Chocolate Syrup, Milk and whipped Cream.


Stuffed Cottage Charred Veg with Tamarind Pepper Sauce

Next was the ‘Stuffed Cottage charred vegetable with Tamarind pepper sauce’
Exotic charred vegetables sandwiched between 2 chunks of cottage cheese and topped with Tamarind pepper sauce. The dish had a very rustic Indianised flavour to it. And the flavour of tamarind along with the fresh ground pepper was all that we ended up talking about.

Innovation and inspiration are the 2 things that can take a restaurant to totally new levels and can earn itself a place in the map of great food. One such dish was the ‘Veg Lasagne – Kolhapuri Style’. Layers of Indian appam which was more like the lasagne along with the local vegetables cooked the Kolhapur style was what this dish was all about. The flavour of the kolhapuri vegetables was par excellence. This was topped with some molten cheese. What a dish is all we can exclaim in unison.


Veg Lasagne – Kolhapuri Style

Next up was the simple medley of   ‘Quiona and couscous’ slightly tossed with some salt and seasoning. And this was served with some awesome ‘Greek Veg Tangy Stew’. A dish which was very similar to the rice and Thai green curry. The veg stew was indeed tangy, true to its name and also creamy and very smooth in texture. Fresh veggies like broccoli, beans, were added to the stew and made this a healthy and filling meal.


Bakmi Goreng

‘Bakmi- Goreng’ was one such dish which we called for thrice or may be more number of times. An Indonesian wok styled stir fried noodles with some veggies thrown in to give the dish the crunch. Pan tossed in sweet soy sauce and served piping hot. One just couldn’t get enough of it. The best part of this noodle was that each and every string was evenly quoted with the sauce and was extremely high on taste. A highly recommended item of their menu.


Black Currant Cooler

We also had the ’Black Currant cooler’. A fizzy stunner of a mocktail with a mix of Black Currant crush, Lime, and Carbonated Water.  Sweet yet Sour and a best combination to our food.


Serrano Tequila Prawn – Paella & Wasabi Silk

In the main course option was also the ‘Serrano Tequila Prawn/Bassa – Paella & Wasabi Silk’ which we avoided. Not because of any reason but merely because we were full but wanted to save some space for the lamb chops and desserts of course.


Herb Crusted Lamb Chop

So in walked the ‘Herb Crusted Lamb Chop’. A platter with grilled lamb Chop Marinated in herb and served with warm Asian Salad & Hummus. Could someone ask for anything more?  As delicious as it sounds so delicious did it taste. Soft, juicy and tender are merely very few adjectives which describe the lamb chops.

Full to the brim and extremely contented with how our evening was we were done and just awaited the last course of the evening.



In came these gorgeous looking ‘Churros’. By the look of it we knew we are in for some serious dessert porn. Crisp yet soft and fluffy churros came with toffee sauce which when poured over was a treat by itself. And when we further dunked these toffee sauce laden churros in some hot chocolate sauce we went on a trip to paradise and back..and back for definitely the second third and more such bites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of our meals end up with the desserts. But since it was a weekend, we decided to push this party a bit further. We ordered the ‘Head F##ker” Shots and we were game for some gulp downs for the road (note that none of us were driving) with a deadly combination of Jagermiester, Absinthe and Red Bull we sure got loaded with a adrenaline high trip. Perfect end to a perfect evening.

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One comment on “Going out the Tapas way at SoHo

  1. Jennifer Jackson
    June 18, 2016

    Great review, thank you. I love tapas and hope to check this place out sometime, sounds great! Will let you know my experiences if and when I go there.


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