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Experiencing Shiro through the Dineout App

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Alright, let us ask all you readers a question. How many of you have a definite list of Eateries, Restaurants, Bars and pubs. Places that is in your A-list. Places that you prefer over any other. But at times your commitment and loyalty towards these restaurants doesn’t seem to help you get a table. Imagine the long waiting hours before being seated, and after all this you end up paying for the actual with no discount whatsoever. Well, that sure doesn’t look like the smartest and the coolest way to dine. Does it ?


SmartPay Option

For situations like these, Dineout – An mobile App that allows you to dine in a smart and cool way, allows you to reserve your table in advance or even during the last minute. Plus with the Apps SmartPay feature you can pay the restaurant directly through the App and enjoy special discounts and benefits.

In order to experience the App and to get an actual look and feel of how it works we were invited by Dineout to one of the Iconic restaurants; Shiro – A Castle inside a Concrete Jungle.

We had read reviews, and heard from many about this restaurant where people were enthralled by its decor with colossal and monumental interiors. Every word we read and heard about this place was absolutely true. Right from the entrance door, one would feel dwarfed. The interiors, lighting, and the spaced out seating perfectly adorn the Zen-inspired ambience. It really took us a while to get to our table as we were gawking at the fine and intricate detailed interiors to the gargantuan sculptures. There was a perfect balance of water and stone in this larger-than-life decor. Truly awe-inspiring.


Demerara Fig Mojito

Shiro – known for its wide range of quirky cocktails had some classy infusions like the ‘Velvet Kimono’, ‘Demerara Fig Mojito’, ‘The secret Garden’ and ‘The Forbidden Nectar’. Going on suggestions we went for the ‘Demerara Fig Mojito’, a perfectly blended drink garnished with a long piece of sugarcane to muddle your drink till the end in order to get some extra flavours from the mint leaves. The essence of Fig was pleasantly different.


Chicken with Malaysian Sambal

The starters for the evening were ‘Chicken with Malaysian Sambal’. Sambal which actually means condiment is a a type of sauce made from chillies, sugar and lime which is ground in a stone mortar with shrimp paste. The tender pieces of chicken stir fried with sambal and curry leaves was quite okay on taste. The flavours of the curry leaves were very faint. A bit of extra tanginess along with more curry leaves would have made the difference.

Up next on the vegetarian side was the ‘Korean Chilli Potatoes’. A splendid combination of golden crisp potatoes, in a mild sweet chilli sauce. Loved it. The Korean Chilli sauce was a perfect blend of sweet and spice complimenting every bite of the crispy fried potatoes.


Korean Chilli Potatoes

We were then served the ‘Chicken Dumplings’ and the ‘Prawn Dumplings’. Though not a fan of Dumplings, It was quite a welcome change to our otherwise non-accepting palate. The fillings were fresh and the sauces served along added that extra flavour.

Stats 1


For the mains we were served the ‘Chicken Hot Pot’ with Shitake Mushrooms. A slightly bland dish but wasn’t too bad. Everything spicy is not always nice. This dish was a break to the spicy and saucy starters.

Alongside we were also served the ‘Thai Green Curry’ which was way beyond perfect. The texture and the smoothness were really appealing to the palate. Thought not one of the best served in town but was indeed great to taste.

Along the gravies we were served some ‘Garlic Japanese Fried Rice’.  A blessing to people who love the pungent taste of fried garlic. This rather sober fried rice was brought to life with the crisp pieces of garlic.


Chicken Hot Pot, Thai Green Curry & Japanese Garlic fried Rice

We were also served some ‘Batter Fried Prawns’ which accompanied the main course very well. Crunchy prawns in a crispy tempura batter. The seasoning and the marinade were perfect. We sure did love this.


Batter fried Prawns

With the main course coming to an end we were all excited for the best course of any meal. The desserts. We were served some ‘Mango Cheese Cake’, ‘Chocolate Pecan Tart and ‘Coconut cake’. Having heard a lot about desserts and the variants served to us were sheer disappointing. Amongst the lot only comforting factor was the Mango Cheese Cake and the rest could definitely be given a pass.


Mango Cheese Cake, Chocolate Pecan Tart & Coconut Cake

Having very high expectations from this place we were quiet keen on dining at Shiro.  A restaurant does not become famous over night and being part of the word of mouth category one has to work really hard. Every restaurant has its good and bad days and unfortunately we were part of the latter. Thought our overall experience was not too great but we are sure Shiro deserves a second chance, and now with the Dine out app one can definitely retry.

We sure are going to how about you ?

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