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One more to the List ! Check out our Dessert with a Twist.


Pumpkin with a Twist

A twist is something which we all love. With our usual monotonous life, a twist here and a tweak there make things more interesting. Twists with food are something which everyone now is interested in, and when it comes to desserts the opportunities are just boundless. With a plethora of options now easily available we often get into this imagination mode. We start mixing and matching the best from 2 or more desserts and make one – and that one, is the One.

One such instance is when we tried an unusual kheer at my mother’s house. She was in one of her witty moods and played the guessing game with us. We took spoon and then bowl full of it but were unable to guess what the kheer was made of. Or was it the sheer taste of it which made us asking for more and we totally forgot that we were actually playing a guessing game.

Another favorite amongst the dessert variant is the good old custard. Plain and simple but creamy smooth textured custard can never ever fail to uplift the worst of moods.

What happens when there is an amalgamation of these 2 terrific sweets? That is exactly what we experimented on and it was a quite a delectable success.

So here is how it goes:


  1. Red pumpkin
    2. Milk
    3. Mava
    4. Sugar
    5. Custard Powder
    6. Kiwi crush / Blueberry Crush



Assemble all the ingredients


Pressure cook the Pumpkin with some milk


Add some sugar and set aside to grind


Make the custard according to the pack instructions



Pour them in a glass and let them set (refrigerate)


Now grind the pumpkin, Milk & Sugar into a paste


Add the Mawa (Thickened dry milk) to make the paste thick


Pour the contents into a Icing Bag and refrigerate for sometime


With the custard set, Pour the crush of your choice


Top it up with the Pumpkin Mawa Paste



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