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Setting the bar high with – Barworks.


Many people have an incurable case of Wanderlust; a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. We at The Guiltless Foodies have that same strong desire combined with an incurable addition which we’d like to call Fooderlust, (don’t know if that’s even a word). That’s our desire to travel anywhere and anyplace where there is good food.

People who love to travel often see world maps on their food, but we on the other hand see food on world maps. Our constant desire and longing for food has never stopped us from travelling. For us the inconsolable longing and insatiable thirst makes us go places unlike many who call themselves anything between Foodie, Epicure, Gourmand, or Connoisseur, but simply scorn at the thought of travelling to places for good food.

If you read our previous posts, we’ve mentioned how big and fast the twin city of Bombay is growing. New Bombay, not only being one of the cleanest and we’ll planned cities over the past few years, has also become a self sufficient one. There is possibly anything and everything that the city has to offer. And when we talk about food, it isn’t left behind with many such specialty eateries, bars, pubs and fine dines sprawling all over. And one such place that we’d like to mention is ‘Barworks’ an high octane eatery, pub and bar from the juggernauts of the food industry – Serrao Hospitality. We were invited for a bloggers tasting table organised by NuvoFoodies, where we guiltlessly gorged into some moreish food and some potent drinks.



So here is our low-down of one well spent evening at the far end of Bombay, which we insist that you travel-to soon or just sit at home and read on.

Upon entering we were really intrigued by the spacious environment with spaced out seating and lusterless lighting that perfectly complimented the ambiance. The lighting, though, could be of hindrance for bloggers, and to those who don’t care for their food to get cold until they get that perfect shot for Instagram. But in a place like this, one should just forget their social media etiquettes and enjoy.

We first ordered the ‘Manhattan’ one of the original classic cocktails made with Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth and bitters. There are quite a few variations for this drink; likely – The Irresistible, Canadian, Southern Comfort, Old Fashioned and many more. But this was very similar to the Jockey’s choice Manhattan because, it has Bourbon instead of any other whiskey or liqueurs. Loved it… Drained it.


Kheema Pao”

‘Kheema Pao’- one of the most popular street foods was served with a slight variation. The Kheema was sandwiched between the Pao rather than being served separately. The spices were just about perfect and the mince was just as right. We really loved the finger food variation to this.


Nutella & Hazelnut Frappe”

The teetotaller part of us decided to stick with some thick shakes, So we ordered the ‘Nutella & Hazelnut Frappe’, the glorious blend of chocolate and hazelnut was simply out of this world. We had to repeat this order as the first one went for a round and never came back.


Bhuna Seekh Roll”

Next came the ‘Bhuna Seekh Roll’ accompanied with mayo dip, green chutney and Fries. Though the seekh was soft and succulent, it lacked a bit of flavours. Our palate is used to a riot of flavours when it comes to Rolls. This was quite bland comparatively.


“Homemade Jalapeno Cheese Balls”

The vegetarian side of the table were served the ‘Homemade Jalapeno Cheese Balls’ and the ‘Crispy Onion Rings’. And this was when all hell broke loose. The non-vegetarians swarmed into these two classic looking dishes and devoured it like there is no tomorrow. This was done in matter of seconds’ in spite of constantly being shooed off and pushed by the vegetarians. The Cheese balls were made from scratch and tasted divine. The crust was perfectly crisp and the inside was soft gooey and melt-in-mouth cheese. They were served with spicy mayonnaise which just complimented them to the last bite.


“Crispy Onion Rings”

The (extra) Crispy Onion Rings, was something everyone loved and immediately called for a second serving. The Onion Rings were deep fried in C02 infused batter, because carbonation adds air and lightens the consistency, thereby giving it that perfect crunch. This was served with Gunpowder Cheese Mayonnaise, something that will stay in our hearts forever.


“Shroom Melt Burger”

Now, it was time for some burgers. The vegetarians were served the ‘Shroom Melt’ and the non-vegetarians – the ‘Roast Lamb’ burgers. The Shroom Melt had fresh Sautéed Mushrooms with cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Cajun mayo. We call it the perfect Tex-Mex Burger. The spice of the Cajun mayo along with the earthy flavour of the mushrooms paired to perfection. A must try. The Roast Lamb Burger on the other end was a slow cooked roast lamb meat with cheese, caramelised onions, gherkins, tomatoes along with tangy mayo. The roast lamb was juicy to the last bite and the gherkins and caramelised onions just did their trick. The tangy mayo on the other hand was a tad bit mild for such a perfect creation. We would recommend this with the cajun one instead.


“Barworks Special Pizza”

Up next was the ‘Barworks Special Pizza’ wood fried pizzas, more like flat breads with cottage cheese, corn, bell peppers, mushroom, olives and much more. The crust, the cheese, the sauce, the topping – perfect. Looking at this the non-vegetarians grew a little impatient, but not for long. They were served a similar one with Chicken Sausages, Chicken Salami, Minced Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Roast Lamb – Stairway to heaven. Both the pizzas are our personal favorites.


“Misal Pao Fondue”

It was time now for a break. We had to take one in order to be ready for the next round, the more serious round.

Are YOU ready ? Read on…

The last one on the small plate serving was the ‘Soya Chilly Sausages’ Chicken Sausages tossed in Soya, Garlic and Chilli sauce. It was such a tempting dish that one of the vegetarians almost went ahead to grab a bite. The sausages were to die for with the right amount of spices with a faint taste of garlic. Make sure you try this when you visit Barworks.

It was now time to break the veg – non-veg barrier and dig into something together. We were served the ‘Misal Fondue with Crisp Pao’. Everyone seemed to love this Desi-Videsi combination. We’ve had this amalgamation of the Aamchi Mumbai Misal with the Swiss Cheese Fondue at a few places. But this, by far was the best. Ever.!


“Burmese Khow Suey”

We ended this scrumptious meal with something that will stay in our minds forever. ‘Burmese Khow Suey – Chicken’. The literal meaning to its name is Coconut Milk Noodles. It is a One-dish soup meal with noodles and meat served with a variety of contrasting condiments. This is something one should never miss.


“Creme Caramel & Oreo Cheese Cake”

Now it was time for the best course of the meal – Desserts. Request you not to faint looking at the line-up we had that night.


“Mango Cheese Cake”

We had the ‘Crème Caramel’ the famous custard dessert with a soft caramel layer on top. Perfect. Next up was the ‘Mango Cheese Cake’. The flavour of mango was quite different. Maybe a puree was used. But the cheese cake had the perfect taste and texture. The third in line was the ‘Oreo Cheese Cake’. By far the best cheese cake we’ve had till now. Our all time favourite. Then we had the ‘Chocolate Mousse’, followed by a ‘Chocolate Ganache Cake’.  That was a chocolate overdose, but we were happy.


“Chocolate Ganache Cake”

There are eateries, bars, fine dining places and much more. And with food its quite difficult to impress anyone at one go. Every day, every person, every ingredient, every time is not the same. But maintaining an consistency with what you do best is what makes you. Barworks is one such place who strive upon being consistent and perfect, day in-day out.

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One comment on “Setting the bar high with – Barworks.

  1. FooodGalli
    May 14, 2016

    What a lovely read.. I too have fallen in love with Navi Mumbai.


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