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When in Doubt… Just Bingge !


When you have a stressful day at work and home and kitchen is the last place you want to go to, head to Just Bingge. A quaint place with a not so noisy ambience but some good happy music playing on the back ground. One could order and sit at peace either with a book or relive your childhood memories over a game of scrabble or Uno.


Speaking of luck, the day we were called to review the place by one of our favourites, Pooja Trehan Dhamecha of @nuvofoodies, we indeed did have a very stressful day at work, and we were more than glad to take it up.


This tiny outlet looked like it had it all. Bright, innovative and peppy interiors with books hanging from the ceiling and a bicycle mounted on the wall. There were small miniature show pieces which adorned the café and made the whole ambience very chilled out.

Our evening started with some ‘Eggplant Parmigiana’. Quiet a delicacy is all we can say. Thin strips of eggplant roasted to perfection and topped with marinara sauce and loads and loads of cheese. Each bite had extreme burst of flavours making you crave for more and more.

Fries are a man’s best friend. The ‘La- pout’ were simple long slender fries but the highlight was the cheese and mushroom and 3 sauce toppings. The toppings gave it a totally different twist. Definitely worth a try and when paired with the cool and lemony virgin Mojito, it felt like a pair made in heaven.


The ‘Vol-au-Vent’ was another favourite amongst us all. It was more of love at first sight. A crunchy, flaky, cylindrical puff pastry stuffed with sautéed mushroom and topped with the right amount of cheese. The balance of this dish was perfectly maintained such that with every bite we could feel the crispiness of the base, along with the chunky mushroom and soft gooey cheese. What a wonder!!! The same was served with stuffed chicken for the non vegetarians.


When salad be like ‘Broccolicious’ one can survive on it. Broccoli florets boiled to perfection till a crunch is maintained tossed in cold creamy flavoured mayo. Just a portion of garlic bread and dinner is sorted.


We were quiet impressed with the salad hence wanted to try the ‘Waldorf Salad’. Chunks of sweet apple and walnuts tossed in creamy mayo. The apple gave the sweetness and walnuts the crunch. The balance was so perfect and before we realized the bowl was licked off clean.

‘Melting Sandwich’ was the star of the evening. Indeed beautiful to look at but with a statutory warning. One could get a cheese attack post this. A three layered sandwich with 2 distinctly different kinds of stuffing. A predominant taste of bell pepper was well accepted. Unlike other sandwiches this was rather soft and moist due to loads of cheese mounted on top.


We were also served a few drinks from the vast mocktail variants like the ‘Mango Ice Tea’, ‘Lychee Ice Tea’, etc. Nothing out of this world but definitely were a good combination to all our cheesy eats.


This was followed by ‘Hawaiian Sandwich’. A very basic cold sandwich filled with layers of bell peppers, onions, and cubed pineapple. The creamy mayonnaise along with the crunchy veggies was liked by all but it was the pineapple which imparted the right amount of sweetness to the sandwich. Quiet a large portion for a person to finish by oneself.

‘When Mac Met Cheese’ was a cold pasta salad with chunks of bell pepper and onions in a creamy tomato dressing. A very ordinary dish and could be given a pass.


The ‘Chicken Seekh Wrap’ was healthy and a filling meal on its own. Strips of soft melt in the mouth chicken seekh and some fresh salad in a wrap. A bite is all you need, to order the second one, if you have the appetite. We actually enjoyed it a lot. It was a pleasant break from all the cheese and mayo we had consumed so far.


We were stuffed more than normal but for foodies like us a meal however heavy must end on a sweet note. We were served ‘Chocolate Brownies’ with chocolate sauce and choco chips. Getting the right texture to the brownie is what makes it perfect, and the ones we were served was way beyond perfect.


Our meal came to a fortunate end. We were satisfied to the fullest and glad we were to discover such a café which serves great pocket friendly cuisine. Every dish we gorged here was a complete meal of its own. One could just spend an evening here with some good friends, good food, simple but lively ambience and of course, great music.

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2 comments on “When in Doubt… Just Bingge !

  1. chandleur1
    February 17, 2016

    Those photos made me hungry! Yummy I’m sure!


  2. The Moore The Merrier
    February 15, 2016

    This place looks so unique and delicious! Wonderful post!


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This entry was posted on February 15, 2016 by in Mumbai.

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