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By the power of Brew ! at The White Owl Brewery & Bistro


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We may not have it All Together. But Together we have it All. Our Home, Our Family, Our Friends and Our Love for Good Beer. With the Craft beer revolution. A band of Microbreweries in Mumbai are transforming the world’s favourite drink… One glass at a time. And when it comes to these Crafted wonders, we get too choosy whether it’s an Ale, Stout, Lager, Brett, Porter, Wit bier or a Saison. But for us it’s all about a journey full of pleasure with some good beer served at a good place.

We were invited to The White Owl – Brewery & Bistro for an evening full of fun with some great beers paired with some amazing food. They say the best beer in the world is the one in your hand. So we went straight ahead and asked the barman to pour us some samplers so we choose ‘The One’ which suits the mood and taste and stick to it for the rest of the night.

Now for the difficult part where we have to choose that one which hits the right chord. We sampled these:

DSC_0134Diablo -The kind of an Irish Red Ale which actually suits every thirsty beer lover. The most fresh of the lot with a slightly heavier body and a smoky flavour. This definitely won the hearts of others but we decided to give it a pass. Some days you just need something that’s light on the body with a crisp texture and taste.

Next up was the Halcyon – A perfect German Hefeweizen. Most of us think beers should be clear and see through. But this fruity flavoured wheat beer is just different from the others. With a slight hint of clove this beer sure surprised us with its taste and texture. The light to medium bodied went rather well with the fruity aroma. But again, not the one we were looking for.

DSC_0137We tried Shadow – The American Porter. More of a strong smoky aroma with hints of Chocolate. This was clearly the best stouts we’ve had. Clear winner with its roasted flavour with a heavy body which just took the hint of Chocolate to a different level. Our definite stand by drink.

Then came The Ace – French Apple Cider made to perfection. This just tasted like Champagne with a slight hint of apple flavour. The body was exactly what we were looking for – Light and Crisp. This was by far the most flavourful and refreshing drink that evening. We were quite sure that this was the one we’d stick to. But the other beers needed to be tried before sticking to that decision.


Up next was The Outlander – Moderately Sweet and Malt flavoured Munich Lager. Trust us this one would put the other lagers to shame. This smooth and light bodied beer was sweet at the start with a slight spicy aftertaste. We would call it as a perfect one for non-beer lovers as the slightly flavourful taste is quite different from the traditional beers. It’s quite possible that they will fall in love with beers with this one.

DSC_0136It was now time for the last one from the Tap. The Torpedo – An American Pale Ale. Quite opposite to ‘The best is saved for the last’. This one was quite an unlikely beer with its taste and texture. More on the citrus side with a strong and heavy body. A quick pass.

So out of the half dozen freshly brewed artisanal handcrafted beer samples we had the Ace was a clear and distinct winner. Now it was time to guzzle this like and raging beeroholic !


Food tastes better when you eat it with your…. Beer! Our Love for Good food was doubled with some amazing preparations that came along one after the other. Here’s how it was.


Flavoured Popcorn

‘Flavoured popcorn’ was the first to arrive and indeed quiet an innovative start. ‘Chefs Gourmet Popcorn’ was a great mix of chives, black pepper and Parmesan. A very desi taste to the popcorn but was indeed a great pair with the chilled beer.


What followed next was the ‘Smoked Bacon & Green Onion Flat Bread. A very delicious looking dish but the bacon clearly over powered the taste of the flat bread topped with mash potatoes and cheese. A slight twist to the dish could bring down the flavour of the bacon to perfectly match the flat bread and cheese.


Smoked Bacon & Green Onion Flat Bread

Next up was a vegetarian delight. ‘Black Bean & Spinach Tostadas. A very flavourful mixture of black bean and spinach in a crisp tostada and topped with a hint of cheese was a perfect bite size starter. The rustic taste of the black bean took this dish to an altogether different level.


Black Bean & Spinach Tostadas

Next up was this very simple ‘Corn on Cob’ .Hard to believe that such a simple corn could prove to be a hit starter. Indeed boiled corn on cob drizzled with chilli powder and some cheese is all it took to make us crave for more.


The non-vegetarians were now getting a little impatient and then came the ‘Blackened Red Snapper Skewer’. Soft fresh and perfectly flavoured and spiced blackened red snapper was a delight to every sea food lover. The lemon based dip pairing the dish was an instant hit and the plates were cleared in seconds of arrival.


Blackened Red Snapper Skewer

Next up were the ‘Minced Lamb Quesadilla’. Not a typical quesadilla but definitely the filling requires a mention here. Quiet good but not that great, very Indian in taste and most importantly it tasted more like a stuffed parantha rather than what it was originally named.

The ‘Garlic Knots’ which came next were these soft and melt in the mouth knots with garlic flavouring and some shreds of cheese on top. Quick pop and your palette is cleansed for the next arrival.


Minced Lamb Quesadilla


What came next was the ‘Grilled Chicken Bratwurst’. The prep all in all was a hit but when you dissect and individually have to number the ingredients used to assemble the dish, it dint fare too well. So we could easily give it a pass.


Mac & Cheese Pasta

Sliders are the new favourites and the ‘Black bean and Roasted Corn Slider was an instant hit. The soft yet crunch patty in the midst to some fresh bun was a pleasure in total.

Little said the better about what came in and went back hardly touched. The Mac and Cheese Pasta. Heavy but bland with whatsoever no taste. Even the abundant cheese made it no good and neither did the red flaky chilli powder seasoning help. Try and avoid is our only suggestion.


House Red Curry

The star of the evening amongst the vegetarian fare was the ‘House Red Curry’. Full of flavour to the right T. Not excessively spicy yet pungent to the right extent. Soft noodle sat on the bed of red gravy topped with some fried onions and peanuts. More crispy onions, garlic, green chillies, peanuts sat accompanying this meal to suit ones taste. A complete, healthy, wholesome meal one must definitely never miss.


Chicken Waffle Burger

When the vegetarian s were almost done the non-vegetarians dint quiet feel full. The beer was getting them more hungry and so came the ‘BBQ Chicken Waffle Burger’. Impressive at the first glance and impressed with the first bite. But on a personal front we found the waffle a bit too hard and chewy but the chicken filling was to die for.


Pan Seared Red Snapper

The last to arrive was the mighty ‘Pan Seared Red Snapper’. It was the case of Hit and run. It hit our taste buds really well and the plate ran back empty and clean as new in flat 40 seconds. A sea food lover’s dream with soft flaky fish with healthy green sides of ‘Broccoli and beans. Experience the dish to believe our words.


Caramelized Banana & Toffee Tart

Well our evening was almost done but never without desserts. We were served the better of 2 from their expansive menu. The ‘White Chocolate Crème Brulee’ and ‘Caramelized Banana and Toffee Tart’. Our personal favourite, or rather everyone on our table preferred the Crème Brulee. It was the candied orange zest that gave this dessert an edge over the others.


White Chocolate Creme Brulee

A great evening did come to an end, but for all our future craving for some good food and great beer at the best of destinations. We are sorted, how about you ?

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2 comments on “By the power of Brew ! at The White Owl Brewery & Bistro

  1. janaknmistry
    January 16, 2016

    wow, seems like the place has so much of a positive vibe. Would for sure visit this place and enjoy the experience. Thank you for enjoying my post. Please help me spread the word for the Parsi Food Trail. Many thanks for the visit. Have a good weekend. Cheers !


  2. guywhotalkstoomuch
    January 7, 2016

    Wowwww guys…. This was fun to read

    Liked by 1 person

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