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All Wok & More play; Our experience at Noodle Play, Bandra.


There are those days when you just want to comfort your palate with something light but full of flavour and then there are days when you just want to splurge and eat your heart’s content. For us the solution to both these times is CHINESE food.

One such day we decided to order from Noodle Play which we’ve been hearing for a long time now. Since they don’t deliver in New Bombay yet we decided to call for the order when we were at a friend’s place in Bandra.

Our order was rather massive considering it was just the 2 of us.

Kimchi Salad

Kimchi Salad

‘Kimchi’ – Not a fan but OK to kick start our meal. The pieces of cabbage was rather too thick but the marinade was sweet sour tangy and the sesame on top was an add-on taste, which we liked.

For starters we ordered the ‘Paneer Manchurian in Sapo Sauce’. This we unitedly decided would be that one dish which will remain a constant order here. The chunks of paneer were exceptionally soft and the capsicum and onions had just the right crunch. This sauce was something to die for. A little bit of sweetness along with the flavour of garlic and of course the tomato base have it the sourness. A Dhamaka sauce and a Double Dhamaka preparation.

Paneer Manchurian in Sapo Sauce

Paneer Manchurian in Sapo Sauce

Next was the ‘Burt Chilli Garlic Rice’. This dish generally never goes wrong anywhere rather has a similar taste at every place we have ordered. But there was something distinct about the flavour that one could talk about. Maybe it was the kind of chilli that was used. Overall a great preparation.

We ordered the ‘Vegetable in Hot Garlic Gravy’ as sides to the rice. A perfect combination to the rice. Rather it was great to have it just like that without a Rice or Noodle. The veggies were exotic and was cooked to perfection.

The star of the evening and the best deal ever, an experience worth going through for the experiment the chef had undertaken. The ‘Punjabi Tadka Noodle’. One bite is all it took. Creamy yet saucy, pungent yet smooth, Indian but Chinese. A definite must have.

Punjabi Tadka Noodle

Punjabi Tadka Noodle

Hold on!! The foodie in us just dint stop here. We also ordered for a ‘Green Thai Curry’ with steamed Rice’. The Punjabi Tadka Noodle had gotten us pretty high so the Thai curry and rice was postponed to be consumed for dinner. It was the best decision we had ever made. After the extravagant meal we wanted to “eat light” and the Thai curry was just perfect. Full of veggies in a creamy Thai gravy with steaming rice. As we write this we are still remembering the sporkfull’s that we consumed. And the best part was that we had some paneer Sapo. It was indeed a delightful continuation to our meal.


We gulped down the home made lemonade, which we had actually forgotten to take out amidst the excitement during our lunch. And, with the few goodies that came along the meal, the fortune cookie rightly read – Great exciting and successful days awaits me. It indeed has started, bang on!!!

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2 comments on “All Wok & More play; Our experience at Noodle Play, Bandra.

  1. Guiltless Foodies
    September 10, 2015

    If you ask us about the Chilli Garlic Noodle/Rice. We would say that its just the usual ones you get everywhere. Can’t tweak the original flavours of Chilli and Garlic much right. But The Punjabi Tadka noodle is a must have. True to its name. Go for it.


  2. ketanvc
    September 9, 2015

    I have one outlet close to my ofc in lower parel… Always wondered if I shud order frm here.. Ur review helps a lot nd will order in d nxt 2 days fr sure… Im a fan of chilli garlic it noodle/rice anythng… Ur review isn’t clear about chilli garlic noodle… Was it gud? Or shud I go fr punj. Noodle… It sounds intrstng… Also wud lyk to kno wat Sapo sauce taste lyk… Nvr heard b4….
    Nice title though… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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