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A balanced diet is Choc Le’ in both hands.


Let’s face it, a nice & delicious piece of chocolate does a lot for a lot of people; like it does for us. Everyone loves Chocolates. Don’t they? And when the same comes as a surprise package, the joy is endless. Our beautiful Hamper of joy from ‘Choc Le’ was sent by NuvoFoodies. The Hamper lovingly created, designed and promoted by Rupali Samat who for her love for chocolates left her job in the corporate world and pursued her passion of becoming a chocolatier.

Chocolates are cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment. Watch the video as we unveil the beautifully designed chocolate hamper and read on about the contents that just happened to be a delicious cure for a bad day.

Apart from the chocolates there were a few other surprises like

‘Raspberry Jam’
A little was used to top our cheesecake cookie cup but this was just what a crisp toast would love to be spread with. Sweet? yes it was but the sourness gave it such a relief to the palate unlike the usual jams and spreads. We also tried it with Monaco biscuits and was an instant hit.

‘Plain Cheesecake cookie cup’
We have had cheese cake, and cookies individually but when they are put together it makes one of the most divine dessert. A mini chocolate chip cookie cup filled with cheese cake. Divine is all I can say. And a drizzle of the raspberry jam took the divinity notches higher. But we wanted to save some jam to have with crisp toast and that we did.

‘Almond Caramel Mousse’
The mousse was not a hit and dint quiet suit us well. But the base of this dessert was something that one just can’t miss. Crispy, hard, crunch & sweet base just like a Chikki but tasted just like the caramel filling of the Nutties. This was the best part of the dessert.

And now for the much awaited part – The Chocolates:

A right balance of dark chocolate and red chilli flakes was what this small cube of chocolate all about. This definitely will take all your sense organs to a different level. Spicy yet bitter & sweet, just couldn’t stop at one bite. For all you spice lovers this is a must have

‘Sea Salt Caramel’
When you bite into this mini blockbuster the sea salt is so prominent that you realise why a pinch of salt is always added to bakery items. A great combination of salt and sweet.

Orange always goes well with chocolate. A gooey orange filling which literally drips out after the first bite that we ended up licking the tangy orange out of the chocolate.

‘Masala Chai’
One of a kind creation which we have never actually come across. A bite and we took a trip to Ooty’s hot masala chocolate tea. One wasn’t enough to please our palate and then started the craving.

‘Cookie Dough’
Innovation at its best is what can describe this chocolate. Soft crumble cookie dough was the filling to this dark chocolate. The best in the lot.

‘Hazelnut Almond’
A chocolate without nuts is like apple pie without apple. The best ever combination to chocolate is always almonds and hazelnut just added to the crunch. Traditional yet yummy.

‘Coffee Crunch’
For all those who like coffee this is it. A rich coffee flavored chocolate feels like you just bit into your solidified strong cup of coffee

Another nutty chocolate, but a little less on pistachios. Would have liked it better had it been generously sprinkled with pistachios rather than just a little here and there. But guess we were OK with it as we could get the actual taste of the chocolate and indeed it was nice, creamy and had a very smooth texture.

If you think “Life is like a box of chocolates –  Go get yours now”

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