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The essentials of happiness at Grand Thali – Hotel Tip Top Plaza, Thane.


‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ an age old Sanskrit verse has become a code of conduct with most in the Indian society. In its literal meaning “The guest is equivalent to god” depicts the relation between the host and the guest. In our recent visit to Hotel Tip Top Plaza, we experienced a very similar thing. For them every guest is nothing less than god.

Exif_JPEG_420Respect has always been an integral part of the Indian soul. We have always respected – Our teachers, our elders, our parents and our guests. As the famous quote from Henrietta Mears goes “Hospitality should have no other nature than love” Right from the entrance, this place beams with love and respect.

We were invited by Hotel Tip Top Plaza to experience their kingly treatment and a lavish meal. Here is how it was.

Frankly speaking, we haven’t seen such a huge Thali place, everything here was enormous, everything from the size of the dining hall, the tables, the entrance including their Thali, which again with almost 30 variety of dishes could be a massive one in Mumbai.

The Grand Thali

The Grand Thali

The thing with Thali place is that you eliminate the process of waiting for your food, you don’t need to see the menu and wait for the order to be handled. The moment you seat yourselves, the Thali assembly starts.

Exif_JPEG_420Initially we were quite put off when the empty Thali was placed. With just a few bowls, we thought it wasn’t as grand as the name says. But we were wrong. Very soon as the Thali started filling, we were pleasantly surprised by the extra items that came to the already full Thali. All neatly placed outside the Thali, making it the most lavish spread we had witnessed till now.

Plain Rice & Lemon Rice

Plain Rice & Lemon Rice

Here is the list of carefully chosen dishes that keeps changing every day, curated by their Executive Chef – Hira Maharaj.

To start with, one can head to the Chaat counter serving chilled pani puri. We chose to skip this and save our appetite for the rest of the best. The Thali consisted of 30 items, here is the list which we religiously tried to cover with details to some well deserving dishes.

Serving appetizers like Butter milk and Jaljeera, the number one from the food list was ‘Dhokla’ served with a green mint, sweet tamarind and garlic chutney followed by ‘Dahi wada’. Next came something that was a surprise fusion to this very Indian menu. Keeping in mind the varied tastes of their guests, especially the young ones they served the ‘Penne Arabiata’ followed by a delicious slice of ‘Veg Mexican Pizza’ an small portion of ‘Russian Salad’ and ‘Veg Manchurian Gravy’ with ‘Hakka Noodles’ One could skip these fusion tweaks and head with the all Indian spread too. We chose to try them and we loved the combinations.

Plain & Masala Khichidi

Plain & Masala Khichidi

Getting back to the Indian menu, was the ‘Moong Kathiyawadic’, ‘Paneer Veg Jodhpuri’ (a delicacy) ‘Aaloo Onion Sambhariya’ a chef’s special with Potatoes and Onions slit and stuffed with a Coconut, Coriander and ground spices. We loved it. This was followed by a dish very similar to the Undhiyo called ‘Green Gujarat’ a welcome change to our palate.

The Desserts

The Desserts

With these on one side the other side was filled with ‘Daal Fry’ a sweet ‘Gujarati Daal’ and ‘Kadhi’ perfectly made. The Indian breads consisted of ‘Naan’ ‘Puri’ and ‘Roti – Phulka’ a beautifully decorated ‘Green Salad’ was up next.

IMG_20150819_230101907[1]Now it was time for the most anticipated part of the whole meal – the sweets and desserts. One after the other the ‘ChamCham’ (bengali sweet) ‘Rasmalai’ and ‘Gulab Jamun’ made it way to our table. The Rasmalai had a very distinct taste to it unlike the ones we’ve had before. The soft and juicy Gulab Jamuns were a instant Hit. On a note, all these desserts, sweets and even the Ice Cream that they serve are made in their own unit and not outsourced. We couldn’t help but go ahead and get multiple servings of these heavenly desserts.

Once we were done with the Indian Breads, they served ‘Lemon Rice’ and some comforting ‘Khichidi’ or ‘Plain Rice’. A simple end to an extravagant meal.

We have had various experiences with Thali places in Mumbai. Places serving authentic Gujarati & Rajasthani food, either in a small age old outlet in the bylanes of Mumbai or a multi outlet giant in a shopping mall. Hotel Tip Top Plaza gives you the best of both worlds. With their ever so authentic preparation combined with the new age fusion in an equally rich environment. We thank the brains behind this magnificent establishment – Mr. Rohit & Jaydeep Saha for their dedication and love towards food.

IMG_20150819_231214401_HDR[1]Craving for some good food served in royalty – You know where to head.

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