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When the Zomans “Hit the roof” at Cafe Terra, Bandra


Elegance is achieved when all that is superfluous has been discarded and when one discovers simplicity and concentration; the simpler and more sober, the more beautiful. The new look to ‘Café Terra’ defines simplicity and elegance. Everyone admires such elegance, and appreciate these finer things in life. After all ‘Beauty lies in simplicity.’


We were here on a very special special night as a part of the Zomato Mumbai meet-up. Accompanied by various gourmands, we were quite excited to try out the new menu in this recently done up place.

Our experience form our previous visits to Café Terra was wiped out just as we entered the roof top. The colour scheme, ornamentation and the picturesque look from the seventh floor made us believe that we were here for the first time. An open kitchen, neatly spaced out tables with a predominant white upholstery gave it a look and feel of the volcanic island of Nisyros. The overall ambience & décor deserves a straight rating of 4.


Being a part of the Zomato meet-ups has its advantages, you get to meet the finest connoisseurs and get to taste the best of dishes. So here is our journey through the lock, stock & barrel that fine evening.


Zinfandel Rose Sangria

Rahul Rohra our gracious and voracious host fixed us some magic potions, and like Getafix the Druid, only he knew what went in the ‘Zinfandel Rose Sangria.’ Our closest guess had Vodka along with the Muskmelon balls, but we couldn’t even come close to guessing the other ingredients. That is still a mystery which only the Druid knows. Though this terrific concoction didn’t give us the strength like the Gaulish Warriors, it sure did work up an appetite to chow-down.

Along with the potent potion came the ‘Feta Watermelon Basil skewers’ with Balsamic reduction in a shot glass. A great combination with the sweet, juicy and crisp watermelon getting an enhanced taste from the Salty Feta which was creamy rather than dry & crumbly from aging.


Feta Watermelon Basil Skewers

The basil leaf at the last was a refreshing crossover. Though we didn’t want to give into the temptation, we ended up having 5 shot glasses.

Trying to divert our attention from the Wine & Shot glasses came the ‘Tomato Mozzarella.’ Herbed & topped with what looked like a Balsamic sauce, it was mild and a welcome change to the palate. The subtlety of the cheese and the tomatoes with a hint of the sauce was quite good.


Tomato Mozzarella

With these two veggie options, our carnivore half wanted some meaty treat. What came next was Chicken in disguise we didn’t quite expect. The ‘Honey Mustard Cherry Tomato Salad.’ Though the name suggests a salad lover’s favourite, it was lacking the flavour. Maybe it wasn’t acknowledged by our palate.

Up next was the ‘Prawn Skewers’ which had our attentions locked till the time it arrived to our table. Served in a wooden platter, the medium sized prawns were crunchy and juicy with a mild flavouring from the herbs. It was an instant hit.


Prawns Skweres

The veggie half ordered the ‘Paneer & Mushroom Kebab.’ Served with sautéed vegetables, Mashed carrots & Rosemary Paprika Potatoes. Though the Paneer was extremely soft, we found it to be a bit bland. On the other side the Rosemary Paprika Potatoes and the Mashed Carrot stole the show.

It was now time for the mains. From the red corner, weighing 2.2 pounds was the Heavy Weight Champion of the ocean ‘Jumbo Prawns with Spicy Salsa.’ It was like the prawns were on steroids, huge with a thick shell. One had to forget the table etiquettes to devour this and dig in with bare hands. Once you penetrate the outer shell it’s all a crunchy and juicy delicacy inside. Perfectly balanced sides that complimented the prawns to the end. This was a soul-stirring dish. Our permanent must haves.


Jumbo Prawns with Spicy Salsa

Our final order from the new menu was the ‘Pan Fried Noodles – Veg.’ Soft noodle topped with julienned exotic veggies like baby corn, carrots, broccoli, beans, bok choy in a white Oyster chilli sauce (hopefully the veg version) with predominant flavours of garlic and ginger. And on special request the meal came topped with a fried egg. The mix of soft noodle and fried noodle along with the crunchy veggies had an ‘out of this world’ taste.
With food, it’s all about the overall experience. Right from the moment you enter a place, get seated, enjoy the drinks, relish the food – till the time you enter your car in the valet. The all new Café Terra boasts a decent deal when it comes to all this.


The Brewing

The evening came to an end with Rahul brewing a special concoction ‘Hot Todi Shots.’ A potent mix of Tea, Cinnamon, Clove and some secret ingredients again. A night full of surprises is what we prefer to call it. The Todi Shots was to be paired with the ‘Sizzling Brownie.’ Though the soft chocolate cake was perfect, the brownie had gone hard and happened to be a let-down.


Hot Todi Shots

Since this was a part of the Zomato meet-up, it was a set menu and the tabs were taken care of. On a personal note we would want to visit this place again to have the food of our choices by exploring the existing as well as the overhauled menu in detail. Like the ‘Banana wrapped whole Pomfret’ ‘The Surf & Turf Platter’ and similar such dishes.


Our food journey with Cafe Terra was one which we would like to experience again… And yet again !

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One comment on “When the Zomans “Hit the roof” at Cafe Terra, Bandra

  1. bobbydotube
    August 15, 2015

    Looks like a fun place! It’s a must try, Thanks for the blog!


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