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Bright Lights & Late Nights at The Angrezi Pub, Belapur, Navi Mumbai.


Whats more rewarding than winding up the weekend with Good Food, Great Drinks and some Groovy Music, now add this combination with amazing company, Priceless ! Mumbai, most definitely a city that never sleeps gets to see a share of Frantic Weekdays and some Footloose Weekends.


The satellite city, Navi Mumbai, Even though with a late start has somehow gathered the momentum to be a desirable party destination. With a designated locality called the Pub Street, this place sure has some wild nights.

We were invited to The Angrezi Pub by @NuvoFoodies to try out the new range to their already existing widespread menu. And thus began our party cum food trail that went on and on.

collageIt was a Saturday, We were a little early than the expected crowd. We entered an almost empty place and greeted by Atul, The Operations Manager who showed us around the huge pub with three different sections, excluding the Bar counter, which by our knowledge is supposedly the longest in Navi Mumbai. Later we were seated on a table reserved for us.

He made us go through the new menu and explained how they’ve tried to cover the new entries from the customers point of view. The size portions and variety was designed keeping the mind the consistent crowd they’ve been catering to so far.

Our need of the hour was some soul stirring cocktails. And we left the choice to the barman to decide, and come up with something to set the mood for the evening.


42 – 43 Degrees & Watermelon Man

Whoever said “Too much of anything is bad” hasn’t tasted Bourbon, we were served a cocktail called ’42-43 Degrees’, a Bourbon based heaven which was a signature creation of the Bar. It couldn’t have started in a more perfect way. With the smoothness of the Bourbon and a faint hint of sourness, one can feel small explosions of flavors that leave you wanting for more. With this heavenly start up, we were served the ‘Watermelon Man’, a Vodka Based cocktail, it was just as the Barman told us it would be, refreshing. Who knew Vodka would blend in so well with Watermelon.

Malai Broccoli Tandoori

Malai Broccoli Tandoori

Up next was a line of entrees from their existing as well as their new menu, The Chef wanted us to start with the house specials, and served us the ‘Malai Broccoli Tandoori’ a blockbuster of a dish, with al dente spears of Broccoli stir fried and topped with cheesy cream. An instant hit. The creamy melt-in-mouth florets was finished in seconds. We’ve had this Indian variation of Broccoli at many places, this was just unique.

Next came the ‘Herbed Chicken Strips’. Mildly marinated breast pieces crumb fried to give you a crisp to soft and juicy bite. Our palate, being accustomed to rigorous amounts of spice found it somewhat blanned. So we were served a Sour & Spicy Dip, which went well with the Chicken.

Herbed Chicken Strips & Aja

Herbed Chicken Strips & Aja

By now our glasses were almost running dry, our next topup was ‘Aja’ an Chef special cocktail inspired from from the album named “Aja” from the Jazz Rock Band – Steely Dan, one of the best sellers back in 1977. It was Vodka with Pineapple, and a hint of Lemon Grass. We don’t know if people back in the 70’s were crazy for pineapples, we found the flavour too strong to make out the sharp Minty and Gingery flavour of Lemon Grass. Our points goes for the thought behind the innovation though.

Along with that we were served another signature cocktail, something which is sworn by it’s name. ‘Heart Attack’ an cocktail that will make you skip a beat. A deadly combination of mixed spirits, served with a caution “at your own risk”. We loved the sweet at first, sour in a second, and the “all hell broke loose” taste towards the end. This was enough to whet our appetites.

Aja & Golden Phyllo Bites

Aja & Golden Phyllo Bites

Now came the ‘Golden Phyllo Bites’ an light as air – baked delicacy. Mini Phyllo shells filled with Parmesan Cheese and Herbs. Though it was small in size, it was big on taste, the cheese mixed with the herbs gave it a unique burst in the mouth flavor.

It was now time for some serious food. We mean some SEArious food. ‘Chow Chow Prawns’ another Chef specialty that was recommended. Stir fried Prawns flavored with Parrot Chillies, served with Coriander Sauce. The spicy and crunchy prawns went amazingly well with the Sweet and Smokey Coriander sauce. This preparation immediately landed to our favorites.

Chow Chow Prawns

Chow Chow Prawns

If you recollect us writing at the start of this review, The Angrezi Pub, devised a menu that was appropriate for the varied crowd who visit. Some like to dig in heavy and some eat light, so they had introduced some basic street food in their menu. We tried the ‘Chana Chaat’ the true Mumbai style Chaat, small on portion, black gram with a spicy and tangy flavor. Though the Chaat was up to it’s mark in the taste, the whole preparation had become soft and lacked the crunch.

Chana Chaat

Chana Chaat

We survived the Heart Attack, cocktail, we mean. And the party was in full swing. With a guest DJ spinning some groovy dance numbers, the crowd was wild and the night was young. Our next Potion & Poison were the ‘Bailey’s Irish Cream’ and the ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. Pretty sure these two don’t need an introduction, nor do they need a few words to describe how awesome they are.

LIIT & Bailey's Irish Cream

LIIT & Bailey’s Irish Cream

Up next to our table was the ‘Nimbu Paneer Tikka’. Don’t we all love the ‘Lemon Chicken’ from… Oh come on, you know where! We thought this is the veggie version. But to our disappointment, the paneer didn’t go as expected with the otherwise well prepared tangy lemon marinade. Well, some things are meant to be like that.

Nimbu Paneer Tikka

Nimbu Paneer Tikka

By now the party got wilder, and almost everyone was on the dance floor. We didn’t want to be looked upon as an outcast, so we stepped on the dance floor and shook a leg or two. Saturday’s are for these kind of hardcore partying. Not just this, there is a Ladies Night, Stand-up Comedy Night with an open Mic, Salsa Night, and a Live Band Night. So you got a lot of gigs to choose from.

Mojito & Margarita

Mojito & Margarita

Soon enough we returned to our table to get on with the grand finale, our last round of drinks were the ‘Mojito’ and the ‘Margarita’. Again, there is no need for us to dwell into the details of these two best-sellers. And now for the main course, since we were pretty full and moderately high, we decided to go with one ‘Oriental Sizzler’ consisting of Veggies, Fries, Manchurian, Crispy Noodles, along with Burnt Garlic Rice. Regardless to say, a well prepared dish by Chef Mukul. Something we loved. The decent portion was just enough for the both of us. A perfect ending to a marvelous night.

Oriental Sizzler

Oriental Sizzler

A slow start doesn’t mean you’ll finish last. With places like The Angrezi Pub, the party circuit is now growing on a constant speed in the well planned twin city, which will very soon become the desired destination.

Party on your mind ?

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3 comments on “Bright Lights & Late Nights at The Angrezi Pub, Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

  1. Pune BoozeCult
    September 12, 2015

    Nice reviews. If you are a party animal living in Pune, you must try Pune BoozeCult as well.


  2. pranjalibhonde
    July 25, 2015

    lovely review guys.. very beautifully described. Loved it!

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