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Burger Quest Part I – Frisbees (The Burger Peddler)


We’ve never been shy to express our love for the Good ol’ Burgers. And off late with the burger culture taking a contemporary twist to give us the best across Mumbai, more and more Cafe’s, Deli’s and specialty burger places are churning out these tender, juicy and delicious burgers which will keep you “Lovin It”

Our never-ending search for the best burgers in town seems more like an task now. With such Kick-Ass burgers being served, we are in a constant endeavour of painstakingly (we aren’t complaining) searching for “That One Burger that rules them all”.


Burger Buns in Process

‘Frisbees – The Burger Peddler’ has been our favourite for their amazing burgers, sides and shakes. We fell in love with this place at our very first visit. As we had mentioned in our previous review, we still remain undaunted by the fact that this is just a delivery kitchen with limited dine in options.


Oriental Veg Burger

With the recent beef ban, there was an immediate need for a quick revamp of the menu. Although this place was famous for their ‘Crunchy Chicken’ and ‘Ratatouille Burgers’, they needed to explore regions beyond the classics, and they did.

We were invited to try their new entries of burgers and sides. And boy, were we as excited as the kid who found the golden ticket to ‘Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’.

The craving for Burgers start the moment you think, read or see it. So we wasted no time and went right ahead to devour the all new entrants.


Jamaican Chicken Burger

Welcomed in the friendliest way by the men behind the mission, we were explained by the Chef, the need for these new entries in the menu along with the twists and tweaks they have come up with.

First, we were served the ‘Jamaican Chicken’, and the ‘Oriental Veg Burgers’ along with a portion of homemade ‘Chilly Cheese Wedges’. The burgers, sized similar to their antecedent were big enough to count as a meal.

The Jamaican Chicken Burger was something that will stay in our hearts for long. Perfectly char grilled tender chicken, juicy enough to tantalize your taste buds with the special herbed seasoning. The layers of Onions, Lettuce, and Mayo compiled perfectly, to go along with the fillet. This was a instant thumbs-up from us.


Mexican Veg Burger

The wedges that came along were worth the mention, more like the home-style unskinned version deep fried and tossed in herbs and spices. The Oriental Burger was wee bit of a let-down initially, though the concept was indeed worth the praise, with a coconut milk potato patty, veggies and water chestnuts. The flavouring was too varied and complicated that they didn’t get along very well. The Chef took note of this and fixed us another one, this time with the flavours more milder and likely to get along. The mildly crumbed patty getting it’s unique taste from the coconut milk was way better and a good option for the vegetarians.


Mexican Lamb Burger

Next came the Empanadas. What could possibly go wrong when you envelope a savoury, tasty filling in a buttery and flaky crust. We just tried the ‘Veg Empanadas’ and liked it.

The thing about Frisbees – The Burger Peddler is that just one burger, some sides, a shake and a dessert becomes a mammoth meal altogether. We somehow mustered the courage to go beyond our regular capacity and tried the ‘Marshmallow Thick Shake’. To heaven and back with every gulp, we transcended to a different time with this. Definitely our personal favourites from now on.

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

The Chef then came out with ‘2 Mini Tarts, Lemon and Chocolate’. Miniature pastry shells filled with cold Lemon and Chocolate filling. If you’ve not tasted this, you’ve tasted nothing. Just out of this world. We recommend this with a warning: Don’t get addicted.

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart

Our time had run out with such an amazing experience at this small and wonderful place. So does this review. Before we forget to mention, there are a few more Burgers and Sides that we are yet to try. The ‘Thai Chicken’ Burger, ‘Mix Veg’ Burger, ‘Chicken Poppers’, ‘Lamb Empanadas’ and a whole new range of Desserts.

And we promise, we will be back with more drool-worthy burger experiences, time to time.

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